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Dear Customer, The Hairerhof & Stoanpeppelehof d. Mitterrutzner Walter - Schlossergasse 25 - I-39040 Natz-Schabs (BZ), in the person of the legal representative pro-tempore, Mr. Mitterrutzner Walter, hereby informs you – pursuant to art. 13 of the Personal Data Privacy Code, Legislative Decree n° 196 of 30.06.2003 (hereinafter, the “Code ”) 

– that for the establishment and execution of contractual relations with you it is in possession of identity and fiscal data relative to you, acquired verbally or from third parties, which data are qualified by the law as Personal Data. 

Purposes of the processing
– The said personal data will be processed to fulfil legal and contractual obligations, and therefore in order to: fulfil our contractual obligations towards you and all consequent legal obligations, as well as for efficient management of our business relationship. process and answer your requests send our newsletters, if requested from you The data collected may also be processed for marketing, advertising and quality control purposes. 

Processing methods
– The data will be processed by specially appointed persons and by data processing managers (formally identified) who will use instruments and supports – hardcopy or magnetic, computerised or telematic supports – which can guarantee security and confidentiality. The data may therefore also be processed with automated instruments designed to memorise, manage and telematically transmit the said data. The databanks are kept in protected environments, access to which is strictly controlled, pursuant to the provisions of the Code. 

Nature of the data conferment
– Conferment of your personal data is obligatory as far as regards legal and contractual obligations. We therefore inform you that should you refuse to supply all or part of the said data, or should you refuse to authorise processing and/or communication to third parties of the same, it may be impossible for Untermoarhof to respect the contractual relationship and to perform the services that you request. However, failure to confer data that are not indispensable for legal or contractual obligations shall be assessed on each occasion by the Company and consequent decisions shall depend on the importance of the data requested compared to that of the business relationship. However, if you do not consent to the use of your data for advertising purposes, you cannot receive informational material, but this shall not prejudice in any way the continuance of the existing contractual relationship. 

Communication and circulation of the data processed
– Except for the communication and circulation of data for the fulfilment of legal obligations, the data shall not be communicated, in Italy and/or abroad, to:

  • Public bodies; Banks and Credit Institutes , Insurance Companies;
  • Subjects that carry out functions closely linked or instrumental to the business of the Hairerhof & Stoanpeppelehof d. Mitterrutzner Walter - Schlossergasse 25 - I-39040 Natz-Schabs (BZ); Consultancy Firms, Auditing Firms;
  • Professionals and Consultants, also in the form of partnerships;
  • Suppliers ;
  • Court Authorities , Arbitration Boards and/or other forms of Private Justice;
  • Commercial Information Companies ;
  • Electronic Communications Services Suppliers and Software Producers.

Furthermore, for the purposes of the processing of your data, the following categories of appointed subjects and/or internal and external managers identified in writing and which have been given specific written instructions, may gain knowledge of the said data: employees , professionals or services companies appointed to perform company management and administration services, including computer operators and IT specialists working on behalf of our company, subjects that carry out duties strictly linked or instrumental to our Company’s business activity. 

The personal data acquired may also be communicated to local branches and/or subsidiary companies of ours located in Italy or abroad, also in non-European Union member countries. However, the circulation of the data processed is not foreseen. 

Rights of the person concerned
With regard to the said data, you have the rights laid down by art. 7 of Lgs. Decree n° 196 of 30.06.2003 (including, in particular, the right of access to your personal data, and to request corrections, updating or cancellation of the same, and you may also object to the processing in the case of legitimate reasons for such objection), within the limits and subject to the conditions of articles 8, 9 and 10 of the aforesaid legislative decree. 

Conservation of personal data
The data shall be kept for the entire duration of the contractual relationship and also successively, for the fulfilment of all legal obligations and also for future commercial purposes. Data controller and manager – The data controller is the company Hairerhof & Stoanpeppelehof d. Mitterrutzner Walter - Schlossergasse 25 - I-39040 Natz-Schabs (BZ). The internal data processing manager is Mr. Mitterrutzner Walter.

The complete and updated list of all those responsible - internal and external subjects – who process your data can be requested directly from the company Hairerhof & Stoanpeppelehof d. Mitterrutzner Walter - Schlossergasse 25 - I-39040 Natz-Schabs (BZ).